When a vegan hits a Paris café, they’re probably going to be getting a salad and frîtes. That’s why it’s always such a treat to find a café with a salad that’s a bit special, such as the mysteriously named Le Pick-Clops in the Marais.

 The killer salad at Pick-Clops is L’Inca, a satisfying mix of greens, layered with quinoa, lentils and avocado. And the frîtes are a bit special too, golden, crisp, mini disk-shaped potato slices.

Pick-Clops is a year-round treat because not long after the season for sitting under the misting sprays on the patio has passed, they break out the vin chaud. Indeed, although the patio is on a great people-watching corner, you are missing out if you don’t get inside and sample the 50s-retro style.

 My kids love Pick-Clops because of their all-you-can-eat, dump-’em-on-your table peanuts policy. However, last time we were there we were told the peanuts are being phased out for a popcorn machine. Tense times… fingers crossed for a smooth transition.

 As for the name, I asked what it meant and they told me “It’s English.”

Le Pick-Clops

16, rue Vielle Du Temple, 75004

Metro: Hôtel de Ville

01 40 29 02 18

Summer at le Pick-Clops


Autumn at le Pick-Clops