A lot of Vegans like to eat organic and I am one of them. There are lots of Naturalia shops around town but they are not everywhere and they are closed on Sundays and you don’t always have time to make it to the market.

Fortunately, the FranPrix chain of convenience stores seems to be making a serious effort to get in the organic market. It started with the Bjorg soy milk, then came a section of Fair Trade  teas, coffee, chocolate and juice from Alter Eco. (The mint chocolate is the choice item here.) Now they have introduced a section from Jardin BioFranPrix Shelf. It’s quite a decent range of convenience items, including some vegan muesli, pasta sauces etc. Be careful when you pick out the Parsley Spaghetti au Quinoa because it is right next to the equally dark Squid Ink Pasta!

Add to that the slowly growing ‘bio’ presence in the produce aisle and things are looking up all over at the local FranPrix.