There is no shortage of cheese in Paris, but there is a definite lack of vegan cheese alternatives. Of course there’s always “nature’s cheese,” the mighty avocado, but there are times when you want something a bit more “bitey.”

For those times, I recommend Cheezly. It’s not French style, but rather English style. It’s for those times when you don’t feel like hitting the Eurostar to satisfy your Anglophile urges. You can pick it up at Le Grand Appétit in the 4th and Rendez-vous de la Nature in the 5th. 

They make a few different types. The one I like best is called “Mature White Cheddar” but it is actually kind of like Cheshire, with excellent crumbling properties. It is magnificent as the centerpiece of a Vegan Ploughman’s sandwich in your bread of choice with a slathering of Branston Pickle purchased either at Galeries Lafayette or Passage Brady.

Disclosure: I have never tried to melt it, so I don’t know if it passes the Nachos test.

Pros: Delicious

Cons: Totally fake