There are a plenty of vegetarian restos in town, but there also are so many other places that are really nice beautiful, charming, fun or interesting where a vegan can still find something on the menu. Like, for example, the Rose Bakery which is not a vegan bakery but has a lot of my favorite things available in it like organic food and of course raw bars and lots of gorgeous salads, a menu that changes every day with a tofu dish and it’s in a really hip neighborhood for doin’ the boutiques. It’s also not far from the Picasso museum.

The original location is in the 9th at Métro Notre-Dame-de-Lorette and they opened the new location in the 3rd about a month back. Today I picked up some raw bars for a bit of raw power on the go. One of my favorite raw bar makers, Larabar, has brought a new flavor to the market: coconut cream pie. They had me at ‘coconut.’

Inside Rose Bakery

Why eat raw vegan food anyway? Well the idea is to get the maximum nutrition from your food. It’s a huge movement in CA and NY and England and Holland are getting into it. France hasn’t gone there yet. This little English-run shop has sneaked these bars in, which is a start and maybe now I don’t have to bring an extra suitcase over to the US with me to bring back raw bars. I was also surprised to see another of my smuggler items: Emergen-C vitamin C powder. Great for boosting the immunes this time of year.

They also do takeaway from the deli counter and I had the best of my life broccoli sesame salad with okara in it.

No vegan baked goods but you can special order a vegan cake: that’s huge… what if I didn’t want to bake a cake… or what if you wanted to get a vegan cake for me!

Rose Bakery
30 rue Debelleyme, 75003 Paris
Metro: Filles du Calvaire
01 49 96 54 01

Outside Rose Bakery