The Noël en Bio Christmas organic food expo is right around the corner (Fri, Sat and Sun, Dec 12,13,14) at Espace d’Animation Blancs Manteaux in the 4ème. It’s open to everyone and entry is free so you can pop in when you like. 

This event has a lot to offer for holiday-loving vegans, for example: stands selling seaweed, flower elixirs, spices, cosmetics, goji berries, real fresh vanilla beans, maca, aryurvedic tea, chutneys and much more to behold.

The highlight for me last year was discovering Les Produits de la Vie. It’s a fabulous all-vegan, all-organic stand from a German mail-order company that has divine cookies, breads and sunflower-seed-based creamy spreads, and who are lovely people who understand the power of free samples. Basically, I cannot wait to get there on Friday and stock up on holiday treats.

Noël en Bio