Oh, it must be so easy to be a vegetarian, wandering around town eating eggy crêpes dripping with cheese or Nutella hot off the steamy grill whenever the fancy takes you.

Of course, a vegan can always make her own crêpes, but when you crave a bit more convenience I really recommend the ready-made organic Galettes de Sarrasin carried by Naturalia.

Don’t be fooled by the name: in Bretagne, buckwheat crêpes often go by the name of galettes. Also don’t be misled by the serving suggestions that talk about putting an egg in the pan: these galettes have just three ingredients — water, buckwheat flour and Guèrande salt.

I like to fill them with something sweet like maple syrup or vegan chocolate hazelnut spread, but they are also great with a savory filling.

Be warned, the buckwheat crêpes you sometimes find at the market usually have ‘just a little’ egg in them. Thankfully, these particular galettes prove that vegan crêpes are délicieuses.