It turns out there are more vegan restaurants in Paris than I had thought: last time I visited Green Garden, I believed the menu which shows ‘V’ symbols next to their vegan options. But today I had a nice chat with the waitress and she cleared it up for me that the menu [and web site] is totally wrong and that they are 100% vegan there!

Green Garden is one of the two well-known Chinese vegetarian places in Paris. It has a big menu with a wide range of Chinese classics, and is very friendly and welcoming. But since I last visited they have made a major change which has spoiled the atmosphere a bit. The restaurant is devoted to the spiritual teacher Ching Hai, and now in addition to the interesting looking pamphlets they have added two large-screen TVs pumping out Supreme Master TV, with positive message news and poetry and songs by the Master herself. It’s very hard to ignore: on the plus side while my children were being indoctrinated for an hour they were quiet and docile.

Many of the menu choices are ‘faux meat’ and, frankly, apart from the fairly neutral faux chicken some of that stuff is a bit too unappetizing for me. Today we felt a bit experimental and thought we’d try the ‘house product’ [chewy soy protein] in tomato sauce – however, it was a bit too simple a dish and not really recommended. 

Tomato House Products

We also had the ‘bifun’ noodle dish that was good and the always great spring rolls delivered.


The tofu beignets looked impressive but inside was a silky tofu that is not my personal favorite. 

Beignets at Green Garden

But their cousins, the pineapple beignets, were a big greasy hit.

Pineapple Fritters

As you can see from the picture of the tomato dish, there are some real duds on the menu here so a good idea is to take a look at the featured dishes on Green Garden’s website before you head over there.

In the corner of the store you can get frozen versions of their ‘house products’: all manner of fake animals are there! My kids were bemused.

PROS: 100% Vegan. No MSG. In Chinatown, so handy for Asian grocery shopping.

CONS: Big TVs. Plenty of bland dishes on menu.

Green Garden
20 rue Nationale, 75013
Métro: Porte d’Ivry
01 45 82 99 54
[Closed Tuesdays]