I don’t know if the Essenes, the mysterious Jewish sect that flourished from the 2nd century BCE to the 1st century CE, really ate macaroons or not but I do know that I like the ‘Macarons Essene’ that Gaia makes.


These macaroons are a sweet, naturally gluten-free treat, made from sprouted quinoa and sprouted buckwheat and sweetened with rice syrup. For a lofty 6€14 you get 5 macaroons in 5 exciting flavors: coffee, coconut, mint chocolate, orange and rose. They go nicely with with a cup of tea. You can taste the attention and care that have gone into them: they even use reverse-osmosis water.

Gaia makes a large range of essene breads, savory as well as sweet. I love eating essene bread because you get the goodness from the sprouted grains. They aren’t technically Raw, because they are cooked at over 115ºF, but they are cooked gently at low temperatures to preserve most of the health-giving enzymes and other nutrients.

You’ll find these macaroons at natural food stores like Naturalia.