Canal Bio

On Friday afternoon the city got some warm air for the first time in what seems like ages and I got the urge to head to up to the Bassin de la Villette and visit the Canal Bio food co-op  to pick up my groceries. (Also, the Naturalia down the road that I usually walk to has been having some stocking issues even on stuff I need all the time like tempeh, buckwheat crepes… vegetables!!) So I hopped on the metro then strolled down the canal-side.

Bassin villette

The selection at Canal Bio is very diverse so it’s a lot of fun to load up. They have a big bulk food section including lots of dried fruit, nuts, grains and beans. A wide range of soy products, and sprouts, even garbanzo sprouts. Prices are a little lower than at my local store, but not especially cheap.

I picked up some sweet treats that I don’t often see in my neighborhood: ‘petite’ chocolate chips, caramel corn, peanut puffs, green tea bars, divine chocolate coated chestnut cookies and very reasonably priced crystalized ginger in bulk.

There are more than 300 organic food co-ops in France.

Canal Bio

46 Bis Quai de la Loire 75019

01 42 06 44 44

Métro: Jaures or Laumiere