Durian, a.k.a. “King of the Fruits” or, less flatteringly, “Stinky Fruit” grows throughout Southeast Asia. It has a dangerously spiky exterior but inside hide rich and smooth soft pillows of delicious delight.

There’s nothing like fresh durian but I was excited to find these freeze-dried packets at Tang Frères for ony 2€10. I found it very nice as far as freeze-dried food goes.


Apart from the flavor, what’s so great about Durian, Emily? Well, raw foodists love it because it has one of the highest concentrations of protein of any fruit, lots of Vitamin E and sulphur compounds, it’s a blood cleanser. And what’s more it possesses legendary powers as an attractor and an aphrodisiac: it is written “When the durians come down form the trees, the sarongs come off.”

I brought these along to a little carnivorous get-together today but they were not especially well received: (“Garlic?”, “Not very sweet!”) Maybe I need to follow up with their spouses!