Until this week I hadn’t found any raw food products that were “Fabriqué en France”, but at the Vivez Nature expo I came across Biscru.
Biscru are truly raw, organic, living crackers. Buckwheat and flaxseed based, these salty or sweet crackers are dehydrated at low temperatures (40ºC).  Biscru has an environmentally friendly approach: for example, their dehydrators are powered by solar panels. Too cool! They also source their products from local suppliers in the Rhone Alps region.

The crackers come in 6 flavors, which I have tested (extensively) and can testify are delicious: Beetroot & Carrot are so vibrant and yummy and Fig & Lemon are as delicious as they sound. They can be purchased from their online boutique for 3€70 a package and they offer special introductory prices.

It is really encouraging to see signs of raw food culture appearing here in France. If France can one day apply the same artistry and ingenuity to raw food that they have to their animal cuisine, we will be in for a treat!