A friend invited me to a vegetarian cooking class at her yoga school: Centre Sivananda de Yoga Vedanta. This 3-hour class (held in French) actually began with a one hour lecture on aryurvedic principles. The instructor ‘om’-ed and chanted beautifully and had a saint-like aura. I found her approach really interesting and often inspiring and it felt good to hear someone in Paris say that if we eat an animal we are eating the emotions, the fear of the animal. Ah, compassion!

After the lecture in their big sunny yoga room, we moved to their on-site kitchen where we observed the making of Mung dal, veg Sabji, Upama, coconut chutney, endive salad, and halva. It was hard to wait so long, but once all this was prepared we were served a healthy portion. The menu was not vegan and they use ghee in most of the recipes but I was touched that the instructor very kindly used olive oil instead for me. I had to pass on the chutney and halva as they contained dairy.

I had the feeling this yoga studio took their practice and dedication to health very seriously and unlike any studio I’ve ever visited they prepare and serve vegetarian lunch for their students daily. A full meal is 7.50, just soup for 2.50 and they offer really delicious looking Indian vegan cakes for 2.50. I didn’t try these cakes but they looked so good, I’ll have to go back! Not everything is vegan though so you may want to call ahead before stopping by.

(Check their schedule of ongoing cooking classes.)

Centre Sivananda de Yoga Vedanta
140, rue du fbg Saint Martin, 75010
Métro: Gare de L’Est
01 40 26 77 49