***This picnic has already taken place!***

Vegan Paris Picnic Club is for vegans to get together and meet other vegans and have a nice vegan picnic.

This month we’ll be having a potluck picnic! What’s a potluck? A communal meal to which people bring food to share.

Vegan Potluck

Sun. May 24


Ile de la Grande Jatte

Métro: Pont de Levallois (NW end of line 3) Walking from the métro cross the bridge and take the stairs on the left down to the grassy picnic area.

We’ll picnic on the grass, so you might like to bring a picnic blanket. I’ll bring plates and utensils.

So everyone has an idea of how many we’ll be cooking for, please leave a little comment below if you plan on coming .

See you there!

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