Regular visitors of the site might have noted that there have not been a lot of new posts lately. The reason for that is that a few months ago, we moved over to Southern California. Even though I am now in vegan wonderland, a piece of my heart is still with Paris. Each vegan find was like a hard-earned victory.

I have a few places and things I never got round to writing about, so I will be posting occasionally. I really have been touched by the kind words in the comments on the site and appreciate the many commenters who have taken the time to share their knowledge with us all. Writing this site was a real pleasure, and through it I met so many wonderful people. I hope that our paths will cross again, perhaps on one of my forthcoming visits back to Paris. I am looking forward to writing about new Vegan Paris discoveries!

In the meantime, in the words of Hemingway, I will continue to carry with me the “moveable vegan buffet” [I am paraphrasing.]


Swami's Beach
Swami's Beach