I was sad to hear the news that vegan restaurant La Victoire Suprême du Cœur has ceased to be and has been replaced by the new, omnivorous “Le Passage Obligé.”
The arrival of a vegetarian restaurant just two doors down from our apartment on Rue du Bourg-Tibourg always seemed like a bit of a miracle, and even more so when they went vegan. The Sunday brunch followed by a bike ride down the Seine became a family tradition for us.
But sadly, it seems that the restaurant couldn’t go on without us and just a couple of months after we left they have transformed into the Foie Gras-friendly “Le Passage Obligé”
There is one bright side: the new restaurant is run by the same “équipe,” who were always fairly well informed about what ‘vegan’ means, and the menu is clearly labelled with several vegetarian and vegan options. Also, they have vegan desserts.
I am curious whether they no longer have any ties to Sri Chinmoy… he doesn’t seem the entrecôte type.