Oh Bio! is an organic, vegetarian (& vegan friendly) (and in fact just basically Friendly) “le fast food” spot that is right across from the Pompidou center.

You order at the counter downstairs, which is clean and modern and there are a few tables downstairs and even a couple on the bustling street corner outside. The real fun, though, is eating upstairs in a setting that is a little bit like a Provençal garden, but with entertaining views of the busy “parvis” outside the museum.

The menu is simple and nutritious. Also very filling, the standout items being the well stuffed vegan buckwheat crêpe they call “le toastee” and the quinoa and tofu “croustillantes” which are crispy patties. Fillings and toppings include an indian curry and moroccan tajine chickpeas.

All the food is tasty and fresh. They have a nice range of soups, salads and more. Sadly, no vegan desserts yet.

It is run by the same people who run the nearby Potager du Marais and you can feel the same good vibes as you order here.

Prices are quite reasonable, in the 5 to 10 euro range and they even serve organic beer.

58, rue Rambuteau, 75003

Tél. : 01 44 61 19 67.  

Métro : Rambuteau